Cake Decorator Job Description

Reports to:

Management Staff and Shift Leaders
(Direct report to Cake Manager, if applicable)

Purpose of Job:

Assemble and prepare soft serve and Blizzard® cakes (or ready to decorate cakes may be used), including decorating with icing, gel, drawings, decorating kits, air brush, edible images and letterings. Ensure all cake products meet the Dairy Queen® standards of quality and excellence. May be required to meet requirements of all other staff positions (Please see other non-management job descriptions.)

Essential Functions:

  • Prepare and decorate cake products according to customer specifications and all applicable standards and procedures.
  • Properly and safely operate and maintain cake and soft serve equipment while following all health and safety standards.
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of decorated cakes at all times, including back-up cakes during holidays, national promotions and other peak cake occasions.
  • Keep display freezer full at all times to the proper level with a variety of cakes attractively displayed.
  • Conducts sampling and actively sells products.
  • Take and fill customer cake orders in a professional and timely manner.
  • Be pleasant and alert to customer needs.
  • Work as a “team” member to assure constant and consistent quality, service, cleanliness and value to each customer.
  • Clean work area, organize and stock needed items.
  • Stock and execute proper rotation of products.
  • Keep cake production area and equipment clean and sanitary throughout shift using the PRIDE cake area checklist.
  • Wash counters, tables, restrooms, trash receptacles, gather trash and remove from dining/service areas to proper receptacle, sweep, mop, stock and other cleaning tasks. Occasional need to be out of building (i.e., parking lot, freezer, trash container areas, etc.) for parking lot pick-up, trash removal and other maintenance and cleaning activities.
  • Inform immediate supervisor promptly of all problems or unusual matters of significance.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as requested by management staff.


Prepare and decorate cakes according to assigned specifications including cakes for special orders and walk-in customers. Operates cake production area in accordance with established PRIDE standards, policies and procedures. Assist in the success of the restaurant by ensuring guest satisfaction through adhering to standards for quality, value, service and cleanliness. Maintain a positive working relationship with all restaurant employees and customers to foster and promote a cooperative and pleasant working climate. Communicate all significant issues, both positive and negative, with management staff.

Qualification Standards:

Qualified candidates must exhibit exceptional decorating skills including gel, icing, air brush, decorating kits, edible images, floral designs, and licensed character designs through examples such as a portfolio. Cake decorator’s certification is strongly preferred. Must be able to work in and out of different temperature ranges. Handling soft serve ice cream products constantly. Must be able to perform under pressure in a high volume restaurant including moving and responding quickly for long periods of time. Capability to stand for long periods of time. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds. The independent business owner will make accommodations to these physical requirements, if possible. Interact with the public and co-workers constantly during shifts. Cleaning up after preparation of soft serve cakes. Coordination skills to follow instructions and duplicate drawings and letters from projected images. Practice established food-handling procedures to meet any local health regulations. Must have excellent customer service skills, exhibit good manners, proper personal hygiene, positive attitude, and promptness.

FO110b Rev. 2/20/2009